martedì 27 dicembre 2011

Looking for myself (2011)

These portraits are focused in the human personal research.
The subjects were not posing for the camera.

Photos and project: Stefano Stranges

sabato 24 dicembre 2011

Occupy London, protesters at St. Paul's Cathedral, dec.2011

Occupy London is a peaceful protest and demostration.
The protesters camping and demostrating against political indifference of the citizens' problems, the economic inequality, the lack of affordability of housing in the United Kindom and social injustice which started on 15 October 2011.
The protesters are ready to leave St Paul's early next year in exchange for a scaled-down presence outside the cathedral and a "symbolic tent" within.

Photos: Stefano Stranges

giovedì 22 dicembre 2011

The Jumping Quails Band, Balcan Tour oct. 2011

The Jumpin' Quails are an indie rock band from Turin, Italy. They've been touring around central and northen Europe for years, but this time they headed for the Balcan area, unlike most bands usually do. We travelled around on a six-places van for nearly 2 weeks, but we rarely had relaxing tourist-like journeys, due to the significant distance between the venues of the concerts - up to 500 miles per day. That's why many of the pictures were taken by our passing-by van, yet capturing distinctive moments and sights of those countries: Kosovo, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia.

Photos and project: Stefano Stranges

 Pristina, Kosovo, 3/10/2011
Advertisement in Kosovo

Pristina, Kosovo, 3/10/2011

 Pristina, Kosovo, 4/10/2011
Tank car and Tank destroyer on the road.

Pristina, Kosovo, 3/10/2011
Jack on the air

Macedonia-Bulgaria Border, 4/10/2011

Looking at the window of the van, travelling from Sofia to Plovdiv

Sofia, 5/10/2011
A moment during the interview at Radio Bulgaria 

Plovdiv, Bulgaria, 5/10/2011
Sal on the air

Looking at the window of the van, travelling from Plovdiv to Bucarest

From Plovdiv to Bucarest

Bucarest, Romania, 7/10/2011
Walking through the night

Bucarest, Romania, 7/10/2011

Cluj, Romania, 8/10/2011.
Students in a pub of the nice city sited in the north of Romania. 

Cluj, Romania, 8/10/2011
Sal on the air

Looking at the window of the van, From Cluj to Belgrad

Belgrado, Serbia, 10/10/2011
Man at work, from the window of the van

Belgrado, Serbia, 10/10/2011
A city icon from the Van

Belgrado, Serbia, 10/10/2011
Sellers on the road

Belgrado, Serbia, 10/10/2011
Roof Big Mac menù

Belgrado, Serbia, 10/10/2011
The Quails after the Jump on the Olympic Games 92